Café d'Anvers

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1989. In the Antwerp red light district prostitutes, pimps and potential customers suspiciously follow the opening of Café d'Anvers. In the past, on the very same location a cinema, a church, a dance hall with a track for dodgem cars and a warehouse opened... and closed again. The new club chose an "anything goes" policy: the crazier, the better. Who wanted to get inside, had to meet the severe selection criteria at the entrance. Once inside, no limits. The club made its name quickly. From everywhere youngsters came down to see for themselves how a 16th century old church suddenly became the epicenter of snazziness - or how top-dj's would fight for a night behind the decks @ Café d'Anvers. Turbulent times featuring drag queens, extravagant personalities and remarkable characters. What was never the intention, eventually happened: Café d'Anvers became a trendsetter. At the moment, Café d'Anvers is one of the few monuments kept in nightlife, which will never have to be protected bacause it preserves itself. Still on top of the game, with performances and dj-sets from the best dj's and producers in the world. A must when visiting Belgium and Antwerp!

Café d'Anvers
Café d'Anvers
Verversrui 15
2000 Antwerpen

03 226 38 70

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