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The biggest store of the Kloosterstraat –with brands and products to lick one’s thumbs and fingers, situated in the cities’ vibrant antiques area. YOUR_award_worldYOUR premium store might already be known all over the world for winning the “Best Fashion Retailer of the World Award” by WeAr Global Magazine. People from all over the world visit the store and experience the “YOUR way of shopping” every single day. YOUR is a unique and exciting shopping experience where the customer and the carefully selected products are king. “…With the title ‘PREMIUM’ in our name, we constantly evolve your shopping experience and do everything we can to lift every detail of our concept to the next level. That’s what we love doing the most. At YOUR, we are never done. The sky is the limit and we won’t settle for less…”. A 1100m2 unique designed space, in combination with a constant evolving range of products ensures the YOUR brand grows along with its customers and brands. Also the personal attention to the customers, and the motto ‘No unhappy people at YOUR’ is important when it comes to both the crew and guests. YOUR offers a supermix of toplabels and little-known brands, and all this within a whole range of prices and products : watches and jewellery, books, fashion, gadgets, shoes, fragrances, music, home accessories and beauty. Please come over and let us shoppertain you!

Kloosterstraat 90
2000 Antwerpen

03 337 71 10